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Gathering round to decorate the Christmas tree over the festive season is one of the best seasonal activities. I love going up into the loft and pulling out all the decorations I’ve forgotten about. The ones that have been in the family for generations, hand-made ones of my childhood and those new additions. It’s an important job for all the family. And over the last few years, more households are choosing the white Christmas tree over the traditional Nordmann Fir.

Apparently a white Christmas tree symbolises good as its free of any colour. In this article we look at why the kitsch white Christmas tree is becoming a more popular choice and why it might be worth considering this year.

A Blank Canvas

The versatility of the white Christmas tree definitely contributes to its growing popularity. Just like a blank sheet of white paper, you can inject whatever colour suits your family and home decor to create a tree that’s right for you. Whether you go for classic baubles of a certain colour, clear string lighting, or just some coloured tinsel, a white Christmas tree will create the perfect backdrop whatever your vibe.

Suitable For All Homes

The chic white Christmas tree will definitely scream modern to a lot of households.  But, it’s not only suitable for homes of this type, like you might think. It will work easily to lift a dark room and match a minimalist setting with ease. This wintery tree has the same shape as a traditional Christmas tree, but is neutral. So it can really be dressed in any style that matches the room.

Less Is More

There won’t be much in terms of Christmas decorations that you’ll need in order to make a tree of this kind sparkle. Just adding a few clear string lights and a star on the top will create something magical that mimics Narnia. Red and silver are great colour schemes for a white tree. With its naturally majestic vibes, opting for a white tree also provides a good option for those on a tighter budget because very little is needed in order to transform a room, and make it look stunning and elegant in any setting. In terms of Christmas decor, it always works well to maintain one colour theme throughout your home. Many white Christmas trees come already pre-lit and you can pick one up for under twenty pounds.

A White Christmas

While white Christmas trees have been viewed in the past as a bit tacky. It’s important to not get caught up in that since they’re quite magical when decorated correctly, and far from tacky. Instagram and Pinterest have been demonstrating this to us for a while now. If you’re not ready to completely say goodbye to your green faux tree, the white Christmas tree would work beautifully in other rooms in the home as an addition. A bedroom, kitchen or landing perhaps. All you need is a little bit of imagination to bring the snow inside.

I’d love to hear if you’re a fan of the white Christmas tree. You can find my buyer’s guide on artificial Christmas trees here, which can also be used when choosing the right white Christmas tree too.

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