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Christmas trees made of artificial materials aren’t for everyone but they do make things easier since they don’t require any maintenance once they’re up.  There’s no picking up needles on your hands and knees and you won’t have to remember to water. There’s actually plenty of choice and it can be a tricky decision, as you want to fake it well and it’s hard to judge from the box. We highlight a few things to consider in the world of artificial Christmas trees.

Size Matters

It can be an easy mistake to make and overlook but know your sizes. Get the tape measure out before you choose your artificial tree, so you know exactly the measurements you’re working with. Height and width will be of equal importance and you should also consider the moving around needed. Artificial Christmas trees should last for at least five years, plus. Choose a size that can be stored away for the most part of the year. If you want the tree to be as high as the ceiling allows then leave around 5-6 inches in between the ceiling and tree.

The Branches

The quality of the branches can keep your tree’s fake status a secret should you want it to be and there are two options to look for. Hinged branches are generally better quality and are permanent fixtures of the tree. They’ll be no frantic search for a missing branch. Hooked branches can be a slight pain to put together as they are more fiddly, one could go missing and throw out the tree’s aesthetics completely. The hook design is typically found on a larger Christmas tree.


The tips on artificial Christmas trees also plays a role and refers to the number of needles. The higher the needles count, the more real your Christmas tree will look. With a lower needle count, you may be able to see through to the tree’s pole, which indicates a fake model. In terms of material, opt for PE (polyethylene) tips over PVC ones to have all your friends and family fooled. An authentic look will be more expensive, but this is to be expected.

The PVC option does have its own benefits though. In particular the colouring with remain green for years to come and won’t fade in its window spot. However, the wired branches will give the tree an overall artificial look, so it depends what you’re looking for. You get what you pay for does ring true with this type of purchase. Buying a more expensive artificial Christmas tree is a solid investment in our eyes as it should last for many years to come.

Tree Stand

A metal stand and pole is a better choice than plastic if possible. A tree with metal at its core will be stronger and more durable.  Remember, you’re making the purchase for it to last. The stand may not be attached to the tree at all, if that’s the case look into another option. As a whole, trees with integral stands are more stable, stronger, and easier to manage. Ideally, the stand will do its job without ever falling to one side or dropping without warning.

With a little bit of pre-planning, artificial Christmas trees are a brilliant festive investment. If you’re looking for further Christmas inspiration, read our alternative Christmas tree decorations article for some inspiring and fresh ideas.

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