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Christmas cards are a festive way of sending holiday cheer to friends and family. No matter how you feel about sending a card, they are part of Christmas tradition, just like Christmas pudding, Christmas trees, and mince pies. Some people don’t see sending Christmas cards as a necessity, but it’s always nice to receive one. They come with some fun etiquette rules, too…

Who To Send To

Christmas cards are an excellent way to let those you haven’t spoken to much over the year know you haven’t forgotten about them. Sending cards to older family members is also a thoughtful gesture as that physical sentiment will be appreciated. Over the last few years we have become more isolated from the people in our lives, so send a card. It shows you care and spreads Christmas cheer like nothing else.  It’s also a good idea to keep a list of those you have received Christmas cards from. These are the ones that must receive a card as a rule. And, of course make a list of those your plan to send to.

Choose A Charity

Choosing a charity Christmas card is also beneficial since you’ll connect with loved ones as well as give back at the same time, which is very worthwhile. The charity information will be on the back of the cards, so you can check out when buying. Most charities do this and create beautiful Christmas cards every year, such as Oxfam, Cancer Research UK, UNICEF, RSPCA, and the Salvation Army. Choose a charity that’s close to your heart.

Handwrite Them

A Christmas card is a gesture of thoughtfulness, so writing one is a demonstration of that. The temptation might be to use fancy digital labels, but this will only scream a lack of thought. The practice is almost as frowned upon as sending e-cards. Elderly relatives will not be impressed by an email. That physical reminder is what connects with them. Also, writing your card and writing your envelope is of importance to those who receive them. A few lines of a personal message will also be welcomed.

The Sign-Off

Christmas cards can be signed in so many different ways, it can be hard to know what words to end with. ‘Love’, ‘From’, ‘Best Wishes’. Love shouldn’t be used for everyone. Sign-offs including the word ‘love’ should be reserved only for close friends and family. ‘Best Wishes’ and ‘All The Best’ are appropriate for colleagues and neighbours. Be sure to address the recipient correctly as well.There are some formalities but if you know the person well you won’t need to worry about the correct titles to use.

In age-old traditions in regard to this; a woman’s name would typically appear first on a card signed by her and her husband, and then her husband’s. If the couple is not married or the wife retains her maiden name, this also applies. When signing Christmas cards or other greeting cards from the entire family, the father’s name should be written first, followed by the mother’s, followed by the children’s. The oldest child should be named first followed by the youngest.

If a card is signed by you and your spouse; traditionally the woman’s name would appear first, followed by her husband’s. If the couple is not married or if the wife keeps her maiden name, this also applies. In most cases the need for old formalities will not apply.

Further Considerations

Make sure to insert your Christmas cards into the envelope with the seasonal picture facing up. This will ensure that when it’s opened, the picture is the first thing a loved one sees. Timing is also key; there are a lot of delays around Christmas time and you need your cards to arrive in time to be displayed on the mantelpiece. Therefore, aim to send them around the end of the first week in December as a general rule.

Christmas cards are traditionally sent to those you won’t celebrate with or see during the festive season. They add a touch of sentiment to the season and I think spread festive joy like no other tradition. Check out 22 Christmas Traditions To Try This Year for more inspiring ideas. There might be something new for you and your family to try.

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