A child making christmas card handprints

Creating Christmas card handprints is a fun and personal way to celebrate the festive season. Christmas card handprints also capture a moment in time, as your child’s hands will never be that size again! Relatives also seem to love a homemade card!

Here are a few ideas for different types of handprint Christmas cards you can make:

Reindeer Handprint Card

Use a brown handprint for the reindeer’s head and antlers. Add googly eyes, a red pompom for the nose, and draw a smiling mouth. Attach the handprint to a folded card and add a message like “Have a ‘Deer’ Friend-ly Christmas!”

Santa Handprint Card

Create a white handprint for Santa’s beard and a red thumbprint for his nose. Add googly eyes, a white cotton ball for the hat’s pom-pom, and draw a hat and mouth. Write a message like “Santa says: Merry Christmas!”

Christmas Tree Handprint Card

Paint your child’s hand with green paint and place it upside-down on the card to create the tree’s branches. Decorate with colorful thumbprint ornaments. Add a star at the top and write a message like “Wishing you a tree-mendous Christmas!”

Snowman Handprint Card

Use a white handprint for the snowman’s body. Add details like eyes, mouth, and buttons using paint or markers. Use a thumbprint for the snowman’s nose and draw a scarf. Write a message like “Warmest Wishes for a Frosty Christmas!”

Angel Handprint Card

Create a white handprint with fingers spread out for the angel’s wings. Draw a halo above the thumb and add facial features. You can add a small paper circle for the angel’s head. Write a message like “Sending you Angelic Blessings this Christmas!”

Gingerbread Man Handprint Card

Paint the handprint with a gingerbread color and decorate it like a gingerbread man with eyes, mouth, and icing details. Write a message like “Sweet Wishes for a Gingery Christmas!”

Penguin Christmas Card Handprints

Use a black handprint for the penguin’s body and a white thumbprint for the belly. Add eyes, a beak, and feet using paint or markers. Write a message like “Hope your Christmas is as Cool as Ice!”

Christmas Wreath Handprint Card

Paint the handprint with green paint and place it in a circular shape to create a wreath. Add red thumbprint “berries” and a bow at the bottom. Write a message like “Wishing you Joy and Peace this Christmas!”

Remember to personalise your cards with heartfelt messages and your own creative touches. Handprint Christmas cards are a wonderful way to share some festive cheer and create lasting memories with loved ones.

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