Christmas jumper

Why are Christmas jumpers so popular? The tradition of wearing a festive jumper goes a long way back. But what are the historical roots of this time-honoured tradition?

Originally, it was a way for people to keep warm during the cold winter months. It became a tradition for children to dress up in their parents’ jumpers and walk around town on New Year’s Day, so as to provide entertainment and amusement for others. But of course the tradition has continued to evolve.

The Christmas Penguin

Penguin Clothing Company was founded in 1957. The company never did well until 1991, when it faced financial ruin. But a merchandiser suggested the idea of a Christmas penguin to the CEO. A pink and green knit jumper given to Mrs. Frank Burkle by her daughter-in-law and son. This gift sparked a new idea of using penguins as an emblem for this jumper and giving it as a present to everyone on their list.

The jumper had such an impact that it became one of the best sellers of that year and 1990’s. It helped save Penguin Clothing Company from bankruptcy then and continues to be popular even today.

What are the Most Popular Patterns?

Regardless of weather you want to keep it traditional or add a modern twist, there’s something for everybody when it comes to Christmas knitwear. You could go for a statement pattern, or a simple design. The festive jumper is certainly a fun way to stay on trend during these colder months.

The patterns on these knitted sweaters are just as varied as the people who wear them. There are many different styles of patterns that you can choose from. There are lots of classic patterns that have been around for decades, but new designs hit the market each year.

Christmas Jumper Day

Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day has also become popular. It is a day for people to raise money for the children who are living in poverty, by wearing a Christmas jumper.

Since 1990, Save The Children have been supporting children in poverty around the world, with Christmas Jumper Day being just one of their initiatives. It was first created in 2008 by two Save the Children volunteers during the recession. Save The Children’s charity efforts are focused on two main goals: attacking child poverty globally and making Ireland one of the best places to grow up.

The Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day has helped to raise the popularity of Christmas jumpers in the UK. Offices up and down the country join in with this fundraiser each year and use it as an opportunity to get together to enjoy Christmas food and drink.

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