The importance of giving

Everyone says that it’s better to give than to receive. But it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of giving during the Christmas season and it can be especially difficult for children. So much of the Christmas season is focused on toys and presents and kids tend to catch a case of the “gimmies”. Are you having a hard time teaching your kids about how important it is to give? If so, here are a few ways you can encourage them to be more giving, during the festive period and beyond. These tips should help giving to become a Christmas tradition in your household.

Start With A Small Act

Some people have difficulty getting motivated to give, because they feel like their contribution won’t matter in the long run. Prove to your kids that every little bit counts when it comes to donating either time, or your resources. Look for someone in your community that your kids can help, or even chores around the house.

Don’t forget to reward them for their good deeds and show them the ways that even a small act of kindness can be a big help to someone. That way, they’ll probably more willing (and excited) to help next time.

Set A Good Example

Kids often want to follow in the footsteps of their parents. If you want your kids to pick up on how important it is to give, make sure that you practice a bit of giving yourself. Let them see you putting aside time to help others, or donating to charities. Remember, it’s sometimes more difficult to get your kids to want to give when they’ve never seen you do so. All it takes is to set a good example once.

Find Other Kids

It will be easier for your kids to connect with the idea of giving if they’re involved in a project with their peers. Look for opportunities like food banks, or toy drives in your community. Check to see if they allow children to participate in their programmes. If there aren’t any kid-friendly charitable organisations in your area, consider taking it upon yourself to organise a volunteer event. You also have the option of seeking out online charities, or volunteer organisations that kids can relate to.

Make Them Feel Empowered

The greatest motivator for giving is the feeling that you can make a difference. If you want your children to feel good about giving, make them feel good about themselves. Let them know that the things they have to say are important and encourage them to incorporate their talents into giving back to others. If they feel empowered, they’ll feel like they definitely can and will make a difference.

If you practice the act of giving on a regular basis, you make a habit out of generosity and charity. This is especially true of kids, who are growing up and developing into the people they will be later in life. Talk to your children about the importance of giving and they will almost certainly make you proud of their compassion in the future.

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